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Why A Website Development Company Is Better Than A Freelancer?


Originally the Freelancers went into website development because they loved to code and design creative websites. But now it’s all about money and nobody really thinks that choosing a Freelancer over a Website Development Company is a good choice to make. Sadly, now the freelancers can’t experiment much with the code and the images.

Whereas a Website Development Company, whether new or old, having a good number of employees is the new choice of customers. It is true that even such a company would have lost many deals to a Freelancer and they were far from the worst enemies.

It is an accepted truth that the Website Development Companies have the Big Guys that help the clients in the long run.

The companies brush up the talent of those coders who don’t even know they exist!

Here is a set of reasons that are sufficient to prove “Why A Website Development Company Is better than a Freelancer.”

1. Use of Latest Technology:

The companies start making the use of a new technology as soon as it hits the internet. They have a team of experienced people who have the ability to grasp every little detail of the new technology and it becomes easier for them to work.

It is ultimately the team effort that counts to deliver outstanding results. The reason behind the success of a company is its employees. These experienced employees work in a team and each person also works independently on one particular aspect of a website. Coders have their expertise in a particular field, whether it is related to designing, coding or functionality. The team makes use of the latest technology that is available and they make out the way for more methods.

The myth that there is a complex chain of approval and management in big companies no longer exists as each individual works on a particular aspect using the latest technology to make everything simpler.

2. Skills & Qualifications:

The skills of the team members in a company are well developed because they work all the time. Perhaps working on many projects gives them the level of exposure that is most expected from the Freelancers. The skills of the Web Developers are enhanced each day during the various discussions that are held in the form of group meetings. These discussions give them the opportunity to learn more and accordingly upgrade the level of the client’s websites.

The qualifications of the people who work for Website Development Companies are far better than those of the Freelancers. Reason for which is that the competition that exists in the market constantly pushes them to get better qualifications so that they can be a part of the ever-growing market of Web Development.

3. Communication:

If you’re communicating with a Website Development company then you will notice that they listen to your needs and they respond positively. They are always ready to discuss very closely the methods of implementation, timeline and budget with the clients. All goes well when you tell your needs and demands to a Web Development Company because they work in accordance to all your needs and they will always be ready to work around the clock until they deliver you a website that exactly matches what you expected. You will see them out performing talent that the freelancers have. Once you get your work done by a Web Development Company, you will have good testimonials for them because it is they are the ones who listen to all your demands and work accordingly. You can organize as many meetings as you want to when you are getting your work done by a Web Development Company and while is work is being done there is absolutely nothing that is kept hidden from you.

Website Development Team
Website Development Team at Work

4. No long Queues:

When you plan to get your website built by Freelancers, you are bound to accept the terms and conditions of their work environment. You might have to wait longer than what you were expecting because they could be busy with some other work and have no time to accept your proposal. There is a long queue to get the work done by a freelancer. No matter how creative and good he is at his work, what matters in the end is that your work is done. Whereas, when you plan to get your Website developed by a company there are a group of people who are ever ready to work on your project. This not only gets your work done at the earliest possible but also when your website is brought under the testing phase a group of testers can review it hand to hand.

5. Budget:

Personally I feel that a Freelancer charges you more for the same website than a company would charge. When a Website Development Company handles any of your projects they keep in mind each and every detail of it and you are required to pay accordingly.

When compared, for the same amount of money, a Freelancer would give you half the work done and a Web Development Company would give your entire work done. Web Development Company has low overheads and this is the reason why they are preferable. Whether you opt for a Freelancer or a Web Development Company, what you need the most is a website that promotes your business and the development process of your website should fit in your budget box.

A suggestion to all those who hold great interest in growing their business is that your need should be a Web Development Company and not a Freelancer.

If you are looking for somebody who can make a website that can help you to grow your business then your requirement is of a Web Development Company. A Freelancer can also do the same development work for you but it has drawbacks that you can not expect to face if you want your business to grow really big. The article gives you ample reasons to choose a Web Development Company over a Freelancer. It is for you to decide whom you want to choose. Personally I would suggest a Web Development Company over a Freelancer.

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